Student Activities & Young Engineers in ASHRAE Report October 2018

We are excited to have the newsletter back in use, a thank you goes out to Kent for making it happen! The goal of SA and YEA is to introduce students into the industry and get the young professionals to see the value of the ASHRAE chapter. We think this newsletter will be great for communication and updating the community.

This year started off great with class presentations at NAIT and the U of A. We were able to speak to three classes of students and will be sending out the details for the annual scholarship later this month. We have been discussing the idea of entering the annual ASHRAE design competition as a U of A Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project, and will be aiming for the winter 2019 semester if it goes through.

As briefly mentioned during the September meeting, YEA has joined the YP Merge community, a group meant to bridge the gap between all young professionals in the construction industry. This is a group effort involving the existing associations of owners, developers, architects, engineers, & contractors and was formed with the belief that collaboration throughout the industry would benefit everyone. It has come to life as a shared calendar and is gaining traction throughout the Edmonton community. We are excited to be part of such a forward thinking group and can’t wait to see what kind of benefits this holds for our future.

Riyaz Khair, Cody Byar, Jonathan Garvey